Graphic Design Display Week 1: Cryptic

My graphic design display from the past week!

The graphic above was based on EdwardDZN‘s Graphic banners, I decided to try and test my skills with blending colors and creating an artificial scene, I think I did a really good job and would give this design a 7/10.

LazarBeam x Fresh fortnite header

This graphic is a lazarbeam x fresh fanart twitter header, I made a youtube video speedart which you can find here:
I worked on this for about an hour an a half making adjustments to the tiniest problems, and now that i’m done, this has to be one of the best graphic designs I have ever made, because of that I give it a 9/10!

I ABSORB Design Zombsroyale YouTube banner

This is a winter themed youtube banner I made, my goal for this was to make everything fit nicely both in the colors and the textures, i did a pretty good job of this, although the flaws, I would give this a 6/10.

smile graphic design banner project

Above is a header called SMILE 🙂 it looks very simple, but that is because I did a 5 minute challenge and this came to mind. Although it was made in 5 minutes it looks very clean and sleek. Given the fact that I did it in five minutes I would say that this is very good, and therefore I give it a 8/10

Deadergi Design twitter header

This is a header I made for Deadergi, another graphic designer I like how it turned out alot, although I could have done better on the artificial scene text wise, I really like the color scheme and for those reasons this gets a 7.5/10!

That’s all for Cryptic: Week one of graphic design display!